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Learn about federal health insurance program. Here you can find information about its eligibility requirements and general terms. Besides explore additional sources of health financial support.

MedicareIt is important for everybody to have a good health. I f medical care is a too expensive thing for you right now, Medicaid can make it possible to get the necessary care so that you can stay healthy.

Medicaid – is a government sponsored health insurance that helps people who can’t afford to pay for all or some medical care bills.

Medicaid is available to low-income individuals and families, who correspond to eligibility terms which are defined by federal andstate law. You won’t get money with Medicaid; it will make payments straight to your health care providers.

Medicaid is a state run program. Each state sets its own eligibility requirements. According to your state’s rules, you may be considered to pay only a small part of medical costs. To be eligible for Federal funds, states should provide Medicaid coverage for most people who receive federally assisted maintenance help.

So here are some examples of some Medicaid eligibility groups:
- Families with children, with limited income
- Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients
- Certain people with Medicare
- People who lose Supplemental Security Income payments because of work earnings, increased Social Security benefits or due to increase in spousal support
- Optional targeted low-income children
- Children under age 21 who meet income and resources requirements for the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), but who otherwise are not eligible for the AFDC

Generally, you can apply for Medicaid if you have a low income and conform to at least one of the descriptions of the Eligibility Groups. You have to apply if you or someone in your family needs health care, but you are not sure either you are eligible. Besides you should find a caseworker in your state who will be able to evaluate your situation. Your income and resources (bank accounts, real property, and everything else, what can be sold for cash) will be examined by the authorities who define your income level.

Coverage may start retroactive to some or all of the 3 month prior to application, in case a person would have been eligible during the retroactive period. Coverage stops at the end of the month in which a person’s financial circumstances change.

There are some additional “State-only” programs, which provide medical assistance for specified poor persons who can’t get Medicaid support.